September 18 St. Eumenes, Bishop of Gortyna

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Saint Eumenius from the time of his youth was noted for his virtuous life. He strove to serve the One God and therefore he shunned worldly temptations. Concerned for the salvation of his soul, he distributed all his substance to the poor.

Liturgical Hymns in Honor of St. Eumenes from the Menaion

Translations copyright by Br. Isaac E. Lambertsen, drawn from the Menaion of the Orthodox Church, in 12 volumes (in English), published by the St. John of Kronstadt Press, 1180 Orthodox Way, Liberty TN 37095;  Authorized only for private devotional purposes.  Further distribution, reproduction, or incorporation into other documents is prohibited without prior permission from the publisher.  All rights reserved.

In that Christ hearkeneth to thy godly prayers, O divinely wise Eumenius, render Him kindly disposed toward those who praise thee with love, O blessed one.

Enamored from thy youth of humility, which accomplisheth lofty things, O venerable one, thou didst lay low the serpent and wast manifestly enriched with the gift of healing.

Thou wast the particular instrument of the Spirit, through much fasting causing the wisdom of the flesh to become subject to thy soul, enslaving that which is worse to that which is higher.

Like a bee thou didst diligently make the rounds of the noetic flowers, O hierarch, gathering sweet honey and laying it upon the honeycombs of thy heart.

Having made thy life and discourse pure by the salt of God, O glorious Eumenius, thou showest forth thy perfect grace and splendor.

Adorned with the virtues, thou didst ascend on high and didst mount to the throne of the Most High, anointed with the myrrh of the divine Spirit; and thou art known to be the sweet fragrance of Christ.

Thou wast a dwelling-place of the Spirit, O hierarch, sojourning in the temples of God and adorning thyself with precious doctrines.

As a hierarch pleasing to God and prelate of Gortyna, O wise father, thou didst emit beams of miracles.

The great gaping maw of the serpent who assailed thee didst thou set afire with the rays of thy prayers, O most sacred one.

Thou didst possess understanding, haying calmed thy mind and soul which were beset by the passions; wherefore, thou dost pacify the disputes of those who reigned piously and submitted well to thee.

Having gained the ear of kings, O faithful one, thou didst end their longstanding enmity, which engendereth destruction, and they came to love fraternal oneness of mind, O divinely wise Eumenius.

Arriving like a luminary, thou didst illumine Rome, working miracles and manifestly summoning those who were sunk in the abyss of the passions to the calm haven of healing, O blessed one.

Having Christ in thy heart as an active and inexhaustible treasure, O Eumenius, thou didst transform into gold the clay which the king gave to thee.

Thou hast sat upon a lofty seat, O father, sending down upon the Church words of peace from on high; and it now boasteth in thy summons.

Un-sodden by sin, thou didst sail through the greatly painful storm of life and didst attain unto the havens where the assembly of the venerable rejoiceth.

Besting deadly thoughts by zeal of soul, O venerable Eumenius, in profound old age thou didst make a journey to benefit those who with faith accepted thee as a sower of sacred and precious doctrines.

Having enjoyed thy goodly deeds, O father Eumenius, Rome sent thee to the Thebaid as a lovely gift which it did not want. There thou didst restrain the affliction of drought by the rain of thy precious prayers, O venerable one.

Feeding at the breasts of abstinence, thou didst suck forth the milk of purity and didst reach the measure of maturity, attaining the heights of the virtues and shining forth more brightly than the sun with divine signs, upon those held fast by the night of the passions.

Having vanquished the enemy and finished the good race, in the most profound old age thou didst pass on to thy fathers, like a ripe grain of wheat, receiving thine end in a strange land.

The children of the Thebaid, in nowise mindful of thy good works, generously dispatched thy sacred relics, which they held, to thy homeland and flock; and at their return they poured forth the grace of miracles.

Before, Raxus once held the precious and much-suffering body of Cyril, O wise one, and now it likewise hideth thine, thou having joined those who lived in the same wisdom, whom the heavenly homeland holdeth forever.

As a hierarch of Christ thou didst pass wondrously from power to power, O father, where the most sacred choirs, with all the heavenly hosts, minister unto the worshipful Trinity in fear, O most blessed Eumenius.

Quell thou the present tempest which assaileth thy homeland, moving the Godhead to mercy by thy supplications, O blessed one; stem the invasion of barbarians which oppresseth us, a trial brought by the devil, which impelleth us toward the abyss of destruction, O ever-memorable Eumenius.

Thy most sacred memory summoneth venerable pastors and pious people, bearing sanctification for all; and with the splendors of the grace with abideth in thee doth it richly illumine us who celebrate it, O most lauded Eumenius.