September 15 Greatmartyr Nicetas

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The Holy Great Martyr Nicetas was a Goth (a Germanic tribe). He was born and lived on the banks of the Danube River, and suffered for Christ in the year 372.

Liturgical Hymns in Honor of St. Nicetas from the Menaion

Translations copyright by Br. Isaac E. Lambertsen, drawn from the Menaion of the Orthodox Church, in 12 volumes (in English), published by the St. John of Kronstadt Press, 1180 Orthodox Way, Liberty TN 37095;  Authorized only for private devotional purposes.  Further distribution, reproduction, or incorporation into other documents is prohibited without prior permission from the publisher.  All rights reserved.

Having slain the arrogance of my flesh, illumine thou my mind with the radiance of enlightenment, that I may hymn thy victory, O Nicetas, who, as a most eminent victor, dost entreat Christ.

Putting aside the poison which cometh from the passions, thou didst mightily endure wounds and in suffering didst clothe thyself in a precious robe, dyed with thine own blood.

Having been nailed to the Tree for us, Thou didst show the path of suffering to be new and wondrous, for Thou, O Master, wast the Source of the strength and confession of the martyrs.

With steadfastness of soul didst thou endure the threats of the tormentors, O glorious martyr of Christ, aided by power divine.

O all-praised martyr of Christ, enduring the scattering of thy flesh and the dismemberment of thy limbs, thou didst obtain thy soul.

The assembly of Christ's martyrs rejoice in thee, beholding thy memory celebrated today.

Redeemed by the Blood of the Master, the sufferer Nicetas doth offer his blood to Christ, rejoicing. Wherefore, slaughtered, he cried out: Glory to Thee, O my God!

Aflame with love for the Master, O martyr, thou didst trample down the flame of idolatry and all the might of the demons, crying unto the Creator: Glory to Thy power, O Lord!

Delighting in the sight of the Lord and reveling in the radiance thereof, the martyr knew not suffering, but, rejoicing, cried out: Glory to Thy power, O Lord!

O all-praised Nicetas, who can recount the crowns of thine ordeals, which Christ gave thee who suffered for Him?

Having completed their struggles upon the earth, the martyrs have received from Thee, O Bestower of life, a heavenly reward in the highest.

Now dost thou shine forth like a beacon, O all-praised Nicetas. Thou art become a light of secondary radiance, standing gloriously before the great Light.

Desiring the beauties of the Creator, O glorious one, and receiving illumination therefrom, thou didst take wing, O martyr, and, scorning death, didst draw nigh unto Him.

O martyr Nicetas, preferring with chaste thought those things which are inexhaustible to receiving transitory things, with gladness thou didst submit thy body to tortures.

O martyr, who art now illumined with unapproachable radiance, with thy radiance enlighten them that now sing thy feast, crying: Blessed art Thou, O my Lord and God!

The angelic forces were astounded at thy courage, O blessed one, beholding thee patiently suffering and saying: Blessed art Thou, O Lord and God of all!

O invincible martyr, thou didst bring thyself as a sacrifice whole and acceptable, and wast a savory whole-burnt offering to thy Master, Who was crucified for our sake; and with gladness didst thou cry out: Bless the Lord, all ye works of the Lord!

As thou wast lawfully a divine contender, thou didst worthily receive an imperishable crown of victory from the life-bearing right hand of God, before which thou now dost stand, chanting: Bless the Lord, all ye works of the Lord!

Boundless was thy love of Christ, and pierced by many wounds and variously gored, thou didst mingle thy blood with His. And now, as an emulator of Him, thou dost reign with Him, crying: Bless the Lord, all ye works of the Lord!

My whole self do I offer thee, O divinely blessed Nicetas, that I may find thee to be an intercessor before the Master who can save me from every evil circumstance, and a mediator of divine salvation.

Thou wast truly a witness to the truth, O passion-bearer, and now dost stand, rejoicing, before precious Truth personified, boldly accepting the reward for thy struggles.

Arriving at the calm harbor, thou didst rest from thy pains, and, a crownbearer, thou dost rejoice in paradise with the martyrs of Christ. Wherefore, thee do we all now fittingly glorify as glorified by God.