August 8 St. Emilian the Confessor Bishop of Cyzicus

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Saint Emilian, Bishop of Cyzikus, lived during the reign of the Iconoclast emperor Leo the Armenian (813-820)

Liturgical Hymns in Honor of St. Emilian from the Menaion

Translations copyright by Br. Isaac E. Lambertsen, drawn from the Menaion of the Orthodox Church, in 12 volumes (in English), published by the St. John of Kronstadt Press, 1180 Orthodox Way, Liberty TN 37095;  Authorized only for private devotional purposes.  Further distribution, reproduction, or incorporation into other documents is prohibited without prior permission from the publisher.  All rights reserved.

O divinely wise and blessed father, who dwellest with the heavenly ranks, looking down, vouchsafe salvation unto those who with joy observe thy lovely solemnity.

Joined wholly to the Master, and illumined by the fiery splendors therefrom, O divinely wise one who hast been received by God, thou hast made thy whole festival brilliant with thy pious doctrines, as one shown to be sacred.

By suffering and virtue didst thou dispose thy mind toward the Master, O holy hierarch, as a righteous steward of soul and body, O father, imparting unto all those things which are needful.

Standing manifestly before the Church, thou hast been shown to be an excellent initiate of mysteries which pass understanding and a mighty champion of the truth, O all-glorious one, breaking the jaws of lions and stopping their mouths.

We, the faithful, offer thee to Christ as a divinely wise intercessor who contended splendidly for His sake, venerated His image, observed the law of honorable preaching, and preserved the Faith from on high.

Thou wast shown to be the confirmation of martyrs, O right wondrous and divinely wise one, and didst set at nought the arrogance of the infamous, being manifest as the unshakable and immovable rampart of the Church and a divine mediator, steadfastly denouncing the mindless ones.

The most wicked one, having drunk the poison of heresy to satiety, was denounced by thine instructive discourse; for darkness is dispelled by light and the weaving of the evil one's counsel is laid bare by the radiance of divine wisdom.

Thou didst help to cast down the arrogance of the deceiver, having assimilated virtue, O most blessed Emilian; and now, O thou who art most rich, thou criest out to Him Who is omnipotent and mighty and battle: Glory to Thy power, O Lord!

Sent into exile, thou didst accept bitter imprisonment, O divinely wise Emilian; but protected by the word of grace, O wondrous initiate of the sacred mysteries, thou wast seen to endure, crying out to God: Glory to Thy power, O Lord!

From infancy thou wast shown to be dedicated to the law, enlightened by early teachings of fasting, O most blessed Emilian. And in later life thou wast shown to be a hierarch, O most excellent God-bearer and hieromartyr.

Perceiving the disposition of thy great soul with divine foreknowledge, Christ manifestly adorned it with great honors, arraying thee in the vestments of the priesthood and the sufferings of martyrdom, O most honored initiate of the sacred mysteries.

Having drawn to thyself the grace of the Spirit, with rivers of doctrine thou didst water the flock of Christ, O most blessed and sacred one; wherefore, taught by thee to venerate His image and those of all the saints, we put to shame those opposed to God.

Having mortified the wisdom of thy flesh amid the pangs of fasting, O thou who art most rich, thou didst enliven thy mind with the radiance of the Spirit. Wherefore, having pleased God, thou didst shine forth in both, O right wondrous hierarch and hieromartyr.

Desiring to avoid the pasture of heresy, thou didst zealously submit thyself to tribulations and with boldness didst denounce the character of him who adhered to ungodliness, O most blessed one; and thou wast first to speak for the divinely wise council.

Fervently loving Christ alone and desiring to receive His divine radiance, O God-pleasing hierarch of the Lord, thou didst exhibit a martyr's steadfastness, having first shone forth in fasting; and thou didst manifestly receive a twofold crown, O father.

O blessed and venerable one, thou didst possess a mind close to God on high, shining with divine radiance; thou didst sail across the sea of life easily and make haste to the heavenly harbors, propelled by the winds of the Holy Spirit, O divinely inspired one.

Thou art truly the goodly adornment of holy hierarchs, O father; for, having become king over the passions, thou wast shown to be an unbreakable pillar, a rampart for the Church, magnifying God Who is praised and exceedingly glorious.

Thou hast been shown to us as a new David, O all-glorious one, having brought down the aliens with the sling of the teaching and darts of doctrine, calling God praised and exceedingly glorious.

Thou didst stand radiantly at the tribunal of the tyrant, for Christ's sake, O father, and didst pour forth discourse as from a divine wellspring; for thou didst preach the veneration of icons, manifestly knowing that it passeth over to the Prototype.

With noetic fire thou didst reduce to ashes the whole furnace of the tinder of heresy when thou didst call upon God; and like Elijah thou didst slaughter abominable priests with the sword of the Spirit. And now thou chantest in gladness: Let all creation bless the Lord and exalt Him supremely for all ages!

Thou wast shown to be full of divine grace and power, O thrice blessed one and, adorned with the comeliness of chastity, thou didst command an immutable piety. And standing therewith now before the Master, thou criest: Let creation bless the Lord and exalt Him supremely for all ages!

Thou lookest down from on high upon those who hymn thee, O sacred and divinely wise father, showing us the straight path by thy supplications, and shattering the arrogance of heresies, that, venerating the icon of Christ, the Theotokos and all the saints, we may chant and worship with boldness.

Thou didst find the reward for thy pangs, O God-bearing Emilian, being vouchsafed now to dwell in the mansions of heaven with the divine armies of the martyrs, in that thou art a godly hierarch, O all-glorious hieromartyr.

Thou wast shown to be adorned with discourse, wisdom and precepts, O excellent Emilian. Wherefore, Christ hath crowned thine honored head, O thou who art most rich. Him do thou now ever entreat in our behalf, we pray.

Throwing wide the portals of heaven, the Master received thy soul, O venerable Emilian, granting it rest in places of coolness, as one of the righteous. And now thou dost walk round about the throne of the King of all.