August 20 Holy Prophet Samuel

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The Prophet Samuel was the fifteenth and last of the Judges of Israel, living more than 1146 years before the Birth of Christ.

His mother is Hannah.

Liturgical Hymns in Honor of the Prophet Samuel  from the Menaion

Translations copyright by Br. Isaac E. Lambertsen, drawn from the Menaion of the Orthodox Church, in 12 volumes (in English), published by the St. John of Kronstadt Press, 1180 Orthodox Way, Liberty TN 37095;  Authorized only for private devotional purposes.  Further distribution, reproduction, or incorporation into other documents is prohibited without prior permission from the publisher.  All rights reserved.

O wise offspring of a barren woman, by thy supplications vouchsafe my barren soul to put forth the good fruits of the virtues, that I may praise thy splendid festival with sacred hymns, O Samuel.

He, Who of old loosed the womb of Sarah, manifestly fulfilled the entreaty of Hannah and, through grace, made that barren woman fertile, O Samuel, and was well pleased that thou didst shine forth from her like a star.

Having dyed thy divine vesture in sacred manner, O all-blessed one, thou didst enlighten thy soul with the mystic rays of the Spirit, learning every mystery and serving Almighty God like an angel, O divinely wise one.

Having cleaved unto God in most exalted manner, O glorious one, thou wast beloved of Him, adorned with divine wisdom and made comely in soundness of soul.

Showing forth an angelic life on earth, O Samuel, thou didst have angels conversing with thee openly and teaching thee things past understanding,  O blessed one.

Having acquired the radiant eye of thy soul, through grace thou truly beholdest things afar off as though they were near at hand, showing thyself to be a prophet of the Almighty.

Adorned in sacred manner with an exemplary life, the saving laws of God were entrusted to thee to proclaim to transgressing Israel who ever driveth away the merciful.

Eli the priest is condemned because of his iniquitous sons and by the righteous Judge is cut off from the service of God; and the priestly Samuel is installed in his place because of his guileless soul, as one obedient to Him Who called.

Standing forth alone with the justification of the law, like Aaron of old, thou didst serve the King of all and didst offer unto Him the sacrifices prescribed by the law, which prefigured the saving sacrifice of Christ.

For thy foolish people who did not abide in the divine commandments of the King of all, at the behest of God thou didst anoint a king who cut asunder the horn of their mindless might.

Having been made wise by the divine Spirit, thou wast a servant of God from thine infancy, O glorious one, anointing kings with the oil of chrism and through grace, at the behest of God.

To Saul who remained disobedient, O blessed Samuel, thou didst foretell his rash actions, the divine will and his open abandonment by the divine Spirit.

Ever living with the Israelites in guilelessness, thou didst manifestly denounce their wicked turning away from God, setting them aright as a priest of God, a prophet most true.

Thy discourse, rendered divine through the grace of the Word, revealed things afar off as though they were near at hand, O prophet Samuel, thou vessel of the divine Spirit.

Elevated by exalted visions and deeds as a prophet and godly priest of the Almighty, thou dost cleanse the people with the services of the law, O right wondrous one.

Saul proved himself unworthy, having transgressed God's command; and in his stead God commanded thee to anoint the meek David with chrism, O divinely wise Samuel.

She that gaveth birth to thee, having prayed a sacred prayer, bringeth thee to the King of all as a great gift, chanting: O Lord God of our fathers, blessed art Thou!

Divine grace enlightened thee who lived within the temple and ministered to the Master of heaven according to the rank of Aaron, O glorious Samuel.

Thou didst judge the people of Israel with divine discourse, O blessed one, ever declaring the righteousness of God to them and averting all adverse harm by earnest supplication.

Having done away with all the dross of thy mind, thou wast shown to be a mirror of the Spirit, O glorious one, unceasingly crying out: Blessed art Thou, O Lord God of our fathers!

Arrayed in the vesture of Aaron, thou didst enter into the Holy of Holies, purifying Israel with sacrifices prefiguring the saving sacrifice of the Lamb, O all-blessed one.

Receiving the radiance of the Spirit with pure thought, O Samuel, thou didst proclaim things far off in the future as though they were in the present, as a divine prophet. Wherefore, we faithfully praise thee.

Chosen was David among the sons of Jesse, as thou didst reveal, anointing him with holy chrism, O Samuel, and crying out: Bless the Lord, all ye works of the Lord!

Celebrating thy festival, O Samuel, converser with the righteous, by thy supplication may we obtain the kingdom on high, crying out: Bless the Lord, all ye works of the Lord!

Standing as a servant before the face of our Master and God, O blessed one, adorned with a blameless life, thou didst perform thy ministry, receiving divine rays and prophesying most manifestly.

From the womb of thy mother thou wast shown to be a vessel of the Holy Spirit, O glorious one; and resplendent in thy sacred vesture, thou didst please God with meekness of heart and comeliness of thought, O thou who art most rich.

Today, O God-bearer, thy memory hath, like the sun, shone upon us rays of rich gifts, enlightening the souls of them that honor thee and driving away  the darkness of evil deeds. Wherefore, we all call thee blessed.

Taken up to the radiant mansions, thou hast shone forth more brilliantly than the sun; and deified by partaking of the blessings of heaven, O divinely inspired one, thou seest those things which the prophets, apostles and all the righteous behold. Wherefore, we all call thee blessed.