August 13 St. Tikhon the Bishop of Voronezh and Wonderworker of Zadonsk and All Russia

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Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk, Bishop of Voronezh (in the world Timothy), was born in the year 1724 in the village of Korotsk in the Novgorod diocese, into the family of the cantor Sabellius Kirillov

St Tikhon died, as was revealed to him, on Sunday August 13, 1783, at the age of fifty-nine. The first uncovering of his relics occurred on May 14, 1846.

Saint Tikhon’s glorification took place on Sunday August 13, 1861.

Liturgical Hymns in Honor of St. Tikhon from the Menaion

Translations copyright by Br. Isaac E. Lambertsen, drawn from the Menaion of the Orthodox Church, in 12 volumes (in English), published by the St. John of Kronstadt Press, 1180 Orthodox Way, Liberty TN 37095;  Authorized only for private devotional purposes.  Further distribution, reproduction, or incorporation into other documents is prohibited without prior permission from the publisher.  All rights reserved.

O Tikhon, holy hierarch of Christ, do thou thyself grant me understanding and speech, that I may worthily hymn the glory whereby Christ the Lord hath glorified thee.

A ray of divine light hast thou shone upon us. Come, ye children of the light, that we may be illumined thereby, that, magnifying the holy hierarch with hymns, we may become inflamed in spirit.

Let us glorify the blessed Tikhon, the successor to the apostles, enthroned with the holy hierarchs, dweller with the venerable, by whose intercession we obtain salvation.

Wounded with the love of Christ, O blessed one, from thy youth didst thou follow Him with unwavering desire, disdaining every carnal pleasure.

The passions of youth which vex the flesh didst thou cut down with the sword of philosophy, offering thyself as a sacrifice to Christ the Master.

O Tikhon, with greater love didst thou cleave unto wisdom, made steadfast in the fear of God, for it is the beginning of wisdom.

Like a lamb wast thou tended by Christ; like a shepherd didst thou tend thy flock, leading them to the pasture of thy life-bearing teachings.

An initiate of the mysteries of the doctrine of Christ, thou didst illumine the people with the knowledge of Him, showing forth His truth by word and deed.

A true and faithful guard wast thou over the house of God, watching over it in deed, giving an example by thy life, and by word, for thou didst diligently instruct, and by thought, for thou didst take thought for its wellbeing.

O holy hierarch, Christ, Whom thou didst love, Whom thou didst desire, for Whose sake thou didst struggle, do thou now beseech in behalf of thy servants, that, being merciful, He may grant a peaceful life to all of us that honor thy memory.

Filled with faith and the love of Christ, thou didst show thyself to be as a river, abundantly watering all the land of Russia with the word of thy teachings, O blessed Tikhon.

Like a bee gathering sweet honey from quickly fading blossoms, O father, thou didst gather spiritual treasure from the corruptible world, and thereby thou dost satisfy us all.

Being pure of heart, thou didst cleave unto the pure Christ; being holy, unto the Holy One; being loving, unto Him that loveth; being meek, unto the Meek One, crying unceasingly: It is good for me to cleave unto God!

The comfort, pleasure, honor, wealth, glory and all the treasures of the world didst thou despise, taking wing to the heavenly Jerusalem, to the home of thy Father, where there are many mansions.

Insults, sorrows and abuse didst thou joyfully endure, mindful that there is no crown without a victory, no victory without a contest, no contest without battle, and no battle without a foe.

With patience didst thou acquire thy soul, O blessed one, and thou didst traverse the narrow path, that alone leadeth to everlasting life, ever directing thy gaze toward the way of the Cross of Christ, the Judge of the contest, and setting an image thereof as a model for thy life.

Thy whole self didst thou surrender to the love of God: soul and body, heart and mind, memory and will, purpose, ambition, word, deed and thought didst thou consecrate to God in love.

O blessed Tikhon, thou didst show thyself to be a father of orphans, a defender of widows, the wealth of the poor, the consolation of the sick and admonition of the wealthy, a staff for the aged, the instructor of the young, and a model of virtue for monastics.

A Son of the Kingdom while yet on earth, thou didst ever yearn for the Son of God, crying out to Him: Be Thou my food and drink; be Thou the light of my soul; be Thou my relief amid sorrows; be Thou life everlasting according to the Resurrection, that I may supremely exalt Thee unto the ages!

Ever mindful of the fall of Adam, the redemption through the sufferings of Christ, the hour of death, the dread Judgment, the torment of sinners and the blessed state of the righteous, thou didst lament, setting us an example of compunction and purifying thyself aforetime for eternal glory.

Having taken up labors in this life out of faith and piety, thou didst sweetly rest from thy labors and wast granted repose; for thou didst descend into the grave, maturing like wheat for the harvest of God at the time of the reaping.

A mediator and fervent intercessor for us before God hast thou been shown to be, O hierarch, making supplication to the Master through thy prayers. Ask thou remission of transgressions, O father, for them that faithfully celebrate thy sacred memory and magnify thee with heartfelt love.

O thou that hast been illumined with the radiance of God the Light, enlighten us that are benighted by the passions of life; and, having received of Him the authority to loose and to bind, loose thou our transgressions and vouchsafe the kingdom of heaven unto them that celebrate thy memory and magnify thee as is meet.

Mercifully accept this, our hymn of praise, which is offered up to thee with abundant fervor, from our unworthy and wretched souls, O holy hierarch, granting us withal grace abounding in compassion.