July 9 Hieromartyr Pancratius the Bishop of Taormina in Sicily

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The Hieromartyr Pancratius, Bishop of Taormina, was born when our Lord Jesus Christ yet lived upon the earth.

After the Ascension of the Savior, one of the Apostles came to Antioch and baptized the parents of Pancratius together with all their household. 

The saint’s relics are in the church named for him in Rome. He is also commemorated on February 9.

Liturgical Hymns in Honor of St. Pancratius from the Menaion

Translations copyright by Br. Isaac E. Lambertsen, drawn from the Menaion of the Orthodox Church, in 12 volumes (in English), published by the St. John of Kronstadt Press, 1180 Orthodox Way, Liberty TN 37095; www.sjkp.org.  Authorized only for private devotional purposes.  Further distribution, reproduction, or incorporation into other documents is prohibited without prior permission from the publisher.  All rights reserved.

Made ever steadfast by the foundation of thy words, O Pancratius, the Church knoweth thee to be an all-precious stone. Wherefore, we honor thy memory today.

With the plough of thy divine words, O Pancratius, thou hast renewed hearts hardened before by the darkness of false belief; and thou hast manifestly shown them to be fruitful for the sake of their faith.

Proclaiming the threefold Unity united in a single nature, thou didst burn away the gloom of godlessness and didst enlighten men with teachings of luminous splendor.

Made steadfast by the Spirit, thou didst drive away evil spirits; and by the labor of thy prayers thou didst demolish the temples of the idols, raising up churches in their stead, O right wondrous one.

With thy sword-like discourse thou didst cut down the thorns of impiety, O venerable one; and thou didst plant in men's souls the saving teachings of the virtues which cause the fruits thereof to abound, O sacred one.

The preeminent Apostle Peter found thee to be a vessel receiving the pure radiance of the divine Spirit, O most honorable one, and sent thee to the West to drive away the darkness of ungodliness.

Shown to be a fiery spirit by the fire of the Comforter, thou didst utterly consume falsehood, O wise Pancratius, and, shining like a beacon upon them that are drowning in the sea of ignorance, thou bringest them to the havens of the divine will.

Peter, having drunk of the unquarried Rock to satiety, sent thee forth as another river, to give drink unto hardened souls, O divinely wise one, and to dry up rivers of ungodliness with the torrent of divine preaching.

Made luminous by the splendor of the understanding of Christ, O wise one, the sound of thy words poured forth. Thereby was the wisdom of the Greeks shown to be foolishness and the malice of the philosophers utterly consumed, O hieromartyr Pancratius.

Having made thy life splendid with beauty, thou didst cast all of the assaults of the demons into darkness, and, dispelling the darkness of ungodliness, thou didst show forth as children of the day them that submitted to thy teachings with love.

By showing forth wonders thou didst draw the people into thy net; by thy word thou didst bring down the temples of the pagans, and didst erect churches of beauty, unto the restoration of men.

With thy blood didst thou dye thy sacred vesture, and thou didst dry up the blood offered to demons; and as one triumphant thou didst ascend to heaven, receiving a crown of victory.

In thy presence a temple of the idolaters broke asunder; and a door to salvation was opened to the heathen, and divine grace was given to the hearts of the faithful, O father, thou keeper of the sacred mysteries of God.

Jesus, the enlightenment and God of all, having filled thy mind with grace and richly illumined it, gave deliverance to the people through thy words of foolishness.

Having preached the Gospel of God as an hierarch, thou didst splendidly seal thy divine teachings with thy blood, O martyred mystagogue Pancratius.

Thou didst deliver men from idolatrous sprinklings of vile blood, and, slaughtered like a lamb, O Pancratius, thou didst offer thyself unto God as a living sacrifice.

With thine own blood wast thou baptized, having before baptized the people in the water; and thou didst pass on to Christ rejoicing. Making thine abode with Him, thou art ever splendidly enriched by sharing in the blessings of heaven, O all-blessed one.

Them that were engulfed in the brine of evils didst thou draw forth with the hook of thy words, O sacred one; and with the pure rain of prayers thou didst dry up the turgid depths of false belief, O mystagogue of Christ.

The unbroken rock, the teacher of sacred truths, set thee as the foundation and ground of the sacred Church; and thereon is all the malice of the infantile foe destroyed.

Consumed by the fire of divers trials, thou didst remain unharmed; and thy mind sharpened by splendid visions, thou wast shown to be a sword which cutteth down the brushwood of polytheism, O wise one.

Thou didst manifestly work signs and wonders, bringing people to the knowledge of Christ, setting forth those things which were to come to pass, like a prophet of God, through the inspiration of the Comforter, O divinely wise one.

Showing to the people the image of the Creator, which He bore of His own will, uniting Himself to us, thou dost thereby work signs and wonders, driving away the audacity of polytheism.

Enlightened mind and soul by the radiant splendors of Peter, thou didst attain unto the West like a star of great brilliance, illumining with thy teachings them that were sunk in the abyss of ignorance, O Pancratius.

Knowing that the honor accorded an icon passeth over to its Prototype, O glorious one, thou didst everywhere set up the precious icon of Jesus our God, unto the destruction of the temples of the demons.

Rejoicing, thy city and the assembly of the faithful keep this thy splendid festival, honoring thee faithfully, O wondrous Pancratius. Cease thou never to bless them as pastor, offering up prayer for all.