July 29 Martyr Callinicus of Gangra in Asia Minor

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The Holy Martyr Callinicus, a native of Cilicia, was raised from childhood in the Christian Faith. 

Grieving that many misguided people would perish for eternity because they worshiped idols, he went through the cities and villages to proclaim Jesus Christ and His teachings to the pagans, and with the Word of God he converted many to Christianity.

Liturgical Hymns in Honor of St. Callinicus from the Menaion

Translations copyright by Br. Isaac E. Lambertsen, drawn from the Menaion of the Orthodox Church, in 12 volumes (in English), published by the St. John of Kronstadt Press, 1180 Orthodox Way, Liberty TN 37095; www.sjkp.org.  Authorized only for private devotional purposes.  Further distribution, reproduction, or incorporation into other documents is prohibited without prior permission from the publisher.  All rights reserved.

Having truly mounted the noetic chariot, thou didst drown the captains of the noetic Egypt in the streams of thy blood, O Callinicus, boast of martyrs.

Clothed in divine vesture, O all-blessed and wise one, thou didst divest thyself of earthly garments, didst hasten to the contest and put the enemy to shame.

Having broken the subtle snares of the enemy with the bonds of thy suffering, thou didst cast him, helpless, to the ground, O Callinicus, and didst trample him under thy feet.

Wounded with the love of Christ, the martyr cried out, enduring pain amid his struggles: "I make haste to the sweet fragrance of myrrh, following Thy Passion, through the suffering of my blood!"

Thou wast preserved un-assailed by the darts of the serpent; for the crafty one, having bruised thy heel amid thy wounds, crushed his own head in thy sufferings, O Callinicus.

Having cut down the thorns of deception with the sword of the Spirit, thou didst truly offer unto thy Master the fruit of the Christian Faith, O most blessed one: thy hundredfold pangs.

Washed in the streams of thy blood, O all-blessed one, thou wast revealed as most pure by the Spirit, and hast attained unto the delight of the incorporeal ones, O martyr Callinicus.

Thou wast truly set as a stone precious to the Church, and didst shake the temples of the idols and cast them down to the ground by the steadfast opposition of thy sufferings.

The deadly blandishments of the enemy didst thou truly turn aside with the words of the Spirit, O martyr; and, strengthened in thy soul, thou didst win the victory over deception.

Foundering in the quicksand and abyss of my sins and having fallen into the tempest of mine evil deeds, I cry to thee: Be thou my helper!

When the soles of thy feet were pierced with nails, O martyr, thou didst sing: "In the path of Thy testimonies have I richly delighted, enduring wounds in the expectation of reward, O Master, Thou Judge of the contest!"

Having traded well in torment, thou didst trim thy lamp with the oil of mercy, O all-blessed one; wherefore, thou didst become a wholly unblemished sacrifice, an acceptable whole-burnt offering.

The fold of thy flock hath been preserved unharmed by the beasts of heresy; for the stout staff of thy sufferings, which thou didst hold fast, O glorious one, hath been shown to drive wolves away.

Thou didst escape the night of deception by thy suffering, and the beauty of faith shone forth like the sun upon the ends of the earth in thy confession.

As a renowned preacher of the Faith, thou didst readily cry out to the iniquitous one: ''Why threatenest thou one whose spiritual strength is not weak? For the darts of the ungodly are feeble!"

"The terrors of torments are for me means to obtain sweetness; for neither fire nor wounds will separate me from Him Who truly loveth me!" cried the martyr.

Strengthened by the support of Christ, O glorious one, contending, thou didst cast the adversary down to the ground; and, true to thy name, thou didst show thyself to be the goodly victor over the tyrant.

Thou didst put the devil to shame and didst gladden the angels with thy sufferings, O glorious one; and thou didst cry out to Christ: Blessed art Thou alone, O God of our fathers!

Rejoice, O delight of true athletes! Rejoice, adornment and ornament of the Faith! Rejoice, torch-bearer most splendid among the martyrs, who hast dispelled deception and shone forth light upon the world by thy suffering, O most wise Callinicus.

The tyrant was put to shame by thy struggles and opposition, and the malefactors were vanquished by thy wounds, O blessed one. Thy heels were pierced with nails. All deception was consumed, and the temples of the idolaters were destroyed by the fire of thy contest.

Bowing thy head, O Callinicus, in thy boldness pray unceasingly to God in behalf of those who honor thee. Intercede for thy flock, rescuing it from the divers snares of the deceiver, and make it steadfast by faith. For through thee doth it grow in stature and might.

A robe of faith was woven for thee on high, whereby thou didst strip the enemy naked at the tribunal, O glorious martyr.

The tyrant thought to deceive the martyr with blandishments, but the martyr remained steadfast in the Faith.

O glorious Callinicus, thou didst offer thyself unto God as a pure whole burnt offering and a pleasing sacrifice on the fire of thy contest.

Beautiful are thy feet, O athlete Callinicus, which, though pierced with nails, went on to preach God.