July 11 St. Olga the Princess of Russia

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St. Olga’s name in baptism is Helen.

Saint Olga, Equal of the Apostles, was the wife of the Kievan Great Prince Igor.

On July 11, 969 St Olga died: “and with great lament they mourned her, her son and grandsons and all the people.” In her final years, amidst the triumph of paganism, she had to have a priest by her secretly, so she would not evoke new outbursts of pagan fanaticism.

**July 11 is our 23rd Wedding Anniversary!**

Liturgical Hymns in Honor of St. Olga from the Menaion

Translations copyright by Br. Isaac E. Lambertsen, drawn from the Menaion of the Orthodox Church, in 12 volumes (in English), published by the St. John of Kronstadt Press, 1180 Orthodox Way, Liberty TN 37095; www.sjkp.org.  Authorized only for private devotional purposes.  Further distribution, reproduction, or incorporation into other documents is prohibited without prior permission from the publisher.  All rights reserved.

Thou art our greatness and boast, O divinely wise Olga; for by thee have we been freed from the falsehood of idolatry. And now do thou pray for the generations of generations which thou hast led to God, hymning Christ, for He is glorious.

Thou didst drive the arrogant devil from Russia, everywhere breaking asunder the ungodly graven images; and thou hast freed all the people from iniquity, teaching them with wisdom to hymn Christ, for He is glorious.

Thou didst utterly wash away the blackness of sin with the laver of baptism, and didst love Christ; standing before Him, pray thou for thy servants who glorify thee with faith.

With mighty arm, wise words and powerful discourse thou didst teach thy son the law of Christ, and didst forbid the people to offer sacrifice to idols, O all-glorious Olga, and, assembling now in thy memory, we glorify thee.

Like a bee of goodly understanding thou didst seek the Faith of Christ which blossomed afar off, and, acquiring baptism in the Imperial City like true honey, thou gavest it to thy city and people; And all, satisfied therewith, escape the bitterness of sin.

We offer thee a cry full of praise and supplication, O Olga; for through thee have we come to know God before Whom thou now dost stand. Ask thou peace and victory over pagans for all Orthodox Christians, and remission of sins for the souls of us that hymn thee, O ever-blessed one.

The Spirit of God rested upon thee as on the Prophetess Deborah of old; and illumined thereby, and strengthening the wise Vladimir, thou didst bring down the devil in thy snare through thy grandson's baptism, as Barak vanquished Sisera at the brook of Kishon.

O divinely wise Olga, with contrite heart thou didst stand praying to God like a torrent; and thou didst deliver the race of thy people from the oppression of graven images and didst free them from the captivity of the foe, calling upon Christ to help us.

On the renowned day of thy holy repose we joyously keep festival, sending up a hymn of supplication to Christ Who hath crowned thee with an imperishable crown, O divinely wise Olga, ask thou remission of sins for us who glorify thee with faith.

As a chaste dove thou didst soar to the top of the palm tree of the virtues on sacred wings of silver; and taking wing thereon thou hast made thy nest in the bounty of paradise, O glorious Olga.

Of thee did Solomon sing of old: Within the vineyard of the King an olive tree hath blossomed forth; for thou didst plant in Russia the grapes of holiness, bringing forth the fruit of repentance, wherein Christ Himself rejoiceth.

Have pity, O Master, on Thy newly enlightened people, and give us not over into the hands of the heathen because of the multitude of our iniquities. But by the prayers of our instructress Olga, deliver us from all temptations.

Receiving the zeal of the Holy Spirit in thy heart, thou didst hate the false religion of thy forebears; and seeking Christ, the true God, thou wast shown to be a child of light, and thou joinest chorus with the first-fruits of the saints in the heavens.

Thou wast shown to be a new teacher of Christ in Russia, going about its cities and villages, destroying graven images, and teaching the people to worship the one God. Him do thou entreat in behalf of those who hymn thee.

O divinely blessed Olga, pray to God for thy children; ask for constant peace for our hierarchy, and remission of sins for us who ever glorify thee.

Hymns of praise do we offer thee as a royal diadem for thy divinely wise head on the day of thy commemoration, O right wondrous Olga, whom Christ hath crowned with incorruption. Pray for thy flock, that they be delivered from all evil who cry: Blessed art Thou on the throne of the glory of Thy kingdom, O Lord!

Shall we call thee the mountain of Lebanon? For upon thee hath the dew of heaven descended. Or shall we call thee the river Phison, more comely than the precious stone sapphire, having Vladimir, by whom the land of Russia was enlightened? Yet pray for us who cry aloud: Blessed art Thou on the throne of the glory of Thy kingdom, O Lord!

The Wisdom of God wrote aforetime concerning thee: Lo! thou art My good and all-beautiful one, and there is no blemish in thee! The radiance of thy countenance, like the odor of myrrh, marked thy baptism, O Olga, wherewith Christ perfumed thee in the midst of the falsehood of idols and hath by His mercy brought us all from the stench of the demons to repentance.

Remember me thy poor servant who have been robbed by the enemy and have sinned more than other men, O Lady Olga; and pray to Christ, that He grant me forgiveness of all the offenses which, wretch that I am, I have senselessly committed; that I may cry aloud in repentance: O God Who pourest forth wisdom in all Thy works, Thee do we exalt supremely forever!

Be glad, O Eve our foremother, for he that deceived thee hath been expelled from Eden and now is trampled down by thine offspring. For, lo! Olga hath planted the Tree of life, the Cross of Christ, in Russia, whereby paradise hath been opened to all the faithful. And we, rejoicing that we have come to know God because of her, magnify Vladimir with her.

A woman do we call thee by nature, yet thou didst struggle in manner beyond the power of women. Myriads of gold pieces didst thou disburse, that thou mightest acquire the law of Christ thy teacher, wherewith thou didst enlighten the land of Russia. And we, rejoicing that we have come to know God because of thee, magnify thee with the martyrs.

O pure instructress in the law and teacher of the Faith of Christ, accept thou the praise of thine unworthy servants, and make entreaty to God concerning us who keep thy memory with honor; that we may be freed from temptations, misfortunes, griefs and grievous sins. And deliver us from the torments which await us, we who magnify thee unceasingly beseech thee.