June 16 St. Tikhon the Bishop of Amathus in Cyprus

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Saint Tikhon, Bishop of Amathus, was born in the city Amathus on the island of Cyprus. His parents raised their son in Christian piety, and taught him the reading of sacred books. It is said that the gift of wonderworking appeared in St Tikhon at quite a young age.

His father was the owner of a bakery, and whenever he left his son alone in the shop, the holy youth would give free bread to those in need.

After the death of Bishop Mnemonios, St Tikhon by universal agreement was chosen as Bishop of Amathus. St Epiphanius, Bishop of Cyprus (May 12), presided at the service.

St. Tikhon died in the year 425

Liturgical Hymns in Honor of St. Tikhon from the Menaion

Translations copyright by Br. Isaac E. Lambertsen, drawn from the Menaion of the Orthodox Church, in 12 volumes (in English), published by the St. John of Kronstadt Press, 1180 Orthodox Way, Liberty TN 37095; www.sjkp.org.  Authorized only for private devotional purposes.  Further distribution, reproduction, or incorporation into other documents is prohibited without prior permission from the publisher.  All rights reserved.

Full of visions transcending the mind, O blessed Tychon, and delighting in the divine radiance thereof, grant a voice of grace unto those who hymn thee, whereby we may be shown forth as worthy to recount thy virtues.

Choosing the higher path from thy youth, thou didst regard thine ancestral inheritance as but dust; and distributing it to the poor, thou didst receive recompense an hundredfold, trusting in the words of thy Lord, O blessed one.

He Who resideth in the highest, finding thy heart to be an abode of the virtues, made His habitation within thee and rested in thee; for with the Father He made within thee a dwelling-place purified beforehand by the Spirit, as He said.

Thou didst consider gold and silver to be like soil to be trampled underfoot, and worldly glory to be like dung; for thou didst constantly elevate thy mind toward those things which are incorrupt, and having received them, thou madest thine abode among them, O divinely wise Tychon who art most rich.

That thou mightest obtain the higher life which abideth forever, O sacred martyr Tychon, thou didst overcome corrupt life, giving thyself over to labor for all, of thine own volition.

Thou didst stand at the tribunal of the tyrant, confessing Christ the King with boldness, undaunted by wounds or death, O wondrous one; and by thy words thou didst repel the enemy.

Receiving the might of the Spirit, O father, thou wast shown to be invincible and tireless; and like a commander thou dost strengthen thy warriors, urging them to advance. Wherefore, having appointed thy victory without blood, thou didst receive the crown of martyrdom.

Consecrated to God, O Tychon, and observing His sacred laws, thou didst live, not as a hireling shepherd, but as one laying down thy life for the flock. Wherefore, having slain the wolves, thou hast nurtured the flock of Christ on life giving pasturage.

The island of Cyprus doth truly cherish thine honorable memory, joining chorus with all the earth, and proclaiming that which is therein through the outpouring of miracles, it even yet calleth those who desire to see, that they behold the garden of the all-glorious offshoot of the vine.

Full of true vision, O glorious Tychon, thou didst denounce those who love vain wisdom, driving out the falsehood of the demons, and all the myths and vile works of Cyprus.

Possessed of a pure life, and performing works which pass understanding, thou didst stand before the divine table of Christ in most sacred manner. Wherefore, through thy supplications, O divinely wise Tychon, thou didst cast down the temples of the demons. 

Being crucified, like Paul, to the world, and crucifying the world to thyself, O God-bearing Tychon who art most rich, thou didst not live for the flesh, but for God the Spirit. Wherefore, thou hast obtained those things which thou didst desire; be thou mindful of us, thy servants.

Driving the assaults of the demons away from thy flock, and dispelling the falsehood of the idols of polytheism, O wondrous one, thou didst show thyself to be fearsome to the adversary, O divinely eloquent and all-wise Tychon.

God Who was glorified by thee glorified thee, O God-bearing Tychon, giving thee to us who bless thee with faith as one awesome in signs and great in wonders. 

Thou didst sanctify thy life, O wise one, living it honorably on earth; and,  passing over from it to receive that of heaven, thou didst glorify it with miracles, O Tychon, true friend of the Master.

As thou wast a divine mouth, thou madest worthy men out of the unworthy, O most wondrous Tychon, wherefore, Christ hath truly glorified thee with miracles even after thy repose.

As thou wast desirous of the hope of heaven, O father, thou didst wisely reject all the passionate attachments of the world. Wherefore, as a prophet, O wise Tychon, thou didst proclaim thy repose beforehand.

Coming together, O ye who love the feasts of the Church, let us pass over Cyprus with mystic visions, and let us behold the all-glorious working of the garden, through which the world embraceth pure salvation.

Adorned with the beauties of the virtues, thou didst weave thy most sacred vesture, O all-praised Tychon; wherefore, telling of thine end and the manifestation of sweet fragrance, thou didst urge those round about thee to glorify the Savior, O blessed one, proclaiming: Exalt Christ supremely forever!

Ignoring the law of the body, like an incorporeal being thou didst run whither the crown of higher knowledge was prepared for thee, O divinely wise one; for it was not for flesh and blood that thou didst promise to live, O Tychon. Wherefore, thou beholdest the beauties of the kingdom of Christ, with Whom thou reignest for all ages.

Thou wast a victor over all the enemies of Christ, and didst undergo torture because of thy conscience, voluntarily sacrificing thyself, O wise Tychon; for before all thy tormenters thou didst cry aloud: "Christ is God! Let the memory of those falsely called gods perish forever!"

O Tychon, accept thou this sacred hymnody offered unto thee from unworthy lips, granting in recompense the deliverance from sins through thy supplications to God; for thee do all of us who faithfully honor thy memory set forth as our advocate.

The pure and all-holy Spirit anointed thee with the oil of gladness, O all glorious one, adorned thee with a multitude of gifts, and vouchsafed that thou reign with Him gloriously, O most hallowed Tychon, adornment and boast of priests.

O thy miracles of grace, O sacred Tychon! The tongue of man cannot recount what he hath seen! For the shoot of the vine which before was desiccated hath now, at thy ready gesture, all-gloriously put forth ripe grapes!

By thy supplications grant me victory over the passions, I pray, O Tychon, and vouchsafe that I who bless thee ardently with love may obtain the love of God and the delight of good things, and may receive His beauties.