May 29 Virgin Martyr Theodosia of Tyre

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Died: 307-308

* She is also commemorated on April 3. May 29 is the transfer of her relics to Constantinople and Venice.

Liturgical Hymns in Honor of St. Theodosia from the Menaion

Translations copyright by Br. Isaac E. Lambertsen, drawn from the Menaion of the Orthodox Church, in 12 volumes (in English), published by the St. John of Kronstadt Press, 1180 Orthodox Way, Liberty TN 37095;  Authorized only for private devotional purposes.  Further distribution, reproduction, or incorporation into other documents is prohibited without prior permission from the publisher.  All rights reserved. 

God Who of His own will ascended the Cross, became for thee the path of suffering, and, casting down the tyrant, He made him like unto a bird for the martyrs to play with.

On earth, O most honored Theodosia, thou didst right mightily smite the prince of falsehood, suffering mightily, O most lauded martyr, and thou didst receive a crown of glory as one victorious.

He who of old was overweening in his pride hath now been cast down, struck a blow by thy patience, O martyr; for, having received the powers of the Cross, thou didst put to shame him who was boundlessly arrogant.

Divine desire showed thee to be an honored bride, O Theodosia, a martyr of Christ, who loved His Cross.

Having forsaken the corrupting thought of the flesh, O honored and all-glorious Theodosia, thou dwellest with the life-creating Spirit.

By thy divine gift of grace, O honored one, heal thou my mind and cure my soul, which hath been made impotent by the passions.

The accursed tyrant desired in his arrogance to frighten the might of thine endurance with wounds, but thou, O all-lauded one, didst cry aloud: "Glory to my God!"

Thou wast providentially enriched with a divinely bestowed and godly name, O martyr and passion-bearer; for thou became a gift of God which gladdens us who honor thee with faith and love.

Arrayed in vesture adorned with the blood of thy martyrdom as with dye, O divinely wise Theodosia, thou didst cry out to thy Bridegroom with love: "I hasten after Thee!"

Loving Christ, the Myrrh Who was poured forth, O maiden, with divine wisdom thou didst follow after Him, glorifying Him with hymns.

The martyr traded this transitory life for life everlasting, and inherited the kingdom of heaven in exchange for a little blood.

Like fountains and springs the healing relics of the martyr pour forth cures upon the infirm and through faith heal afflictions of soul.

Following Thee, O Christ, the martyr Theodosia eagerly accepted death, undaunted by the threats of the tyrants, and she emulated Thy voluntary suffering.

Readily strengthened by Thy Cross, O Savior, women trample upon the heads of serpents, as Thou didst foretell, for they are wounded by the love and divine desire of Thee.

Gazing with faith upon thee who art adorned with divinely given beauties, O martyr, in hymnody we splendidly cry out to thy Bridegroom: Blessed art Thou in the temple of Thy glory, O Lord!

Rejoicing now with the virgins bearing lamps, O martyr, thou hast now entered into the heavenly bridal-chamber with Christ, crying: Blessed art Thou in the temple of Thy glory, O Lord!

Released from the bonds of the flesh, O honored Theodosia, thou didst soar aloft, rejoicing, to the splendid bridal-chamber, joining chorus with the bridal choirs, resplendent in the scarlet blood of martyrdom, and crying aloud: Bless the Lord, all ye works of the Lord!

Thou hast been vouchsafed to live in splendor in the heavenly bridal-chamber, O honorable and ever all-memorable Theodosia, having acquired everlasting glory, truly enriched with the fruit of thy courage, and crying aloud: Bless the Lord, all ye works of the Lord!

Thou wast manifestly adorned, in accordance with thy name, O honored Theodosia; for in thee hath an excellent divine gift been given to us, O most wise one, giving forth rivers of gifts which pass understanding to those who chant with faith: Bless the Lord, all ye works of the Lord!

By thine entreaties loose thou the bonds of the offenses from those who piously hymn thee, O divinely wise, most honored and all-lauded martyr Theodosia, standing before God Almighty.

Deified through gazing upon God, thou hast attained the artful desire of Eve, our first mother, becoming a god through divine communion. Wherefore, we magnify thee, O most blessed Theodosia.

Christ, thy Bridegroom, is all sweetness, all spiritual consolation, O martyr and passion-bearer Theodosia. As thou delightest in Him now, be thou mindful of us in thy supplications.