July 5 Uncovering of the Relics of the Venerable Sergius of Radonezh

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The Uncovering of the Venerable Relics of Saint Sergius of Radonezh: The relics of St Sergius (September 25) were uncovered on July 5, 1422 when St Nikon (November 17) was igumen. 

Liturgical Hymns in Honor of St. Sergius from the Menaion

Translations copyright by Br. Isaac E. Lambertsen, drawn from the Menaion of the Orthodox Church, in 12 volumes (in English), published by the St. John of Kronstadt Press, 1180 Orthodox Way, Liberty TN 37095; www.sjkp.org.  Authorized only for private devotional purposes.  Further distribution, reproduction, or incorporation into other documents is prohibited without prior permission from the publisher.  All rights reserved.

O the joy of the ranks of heaven and the gladness of men on earth, at the present festival of the sacred uncovering of the wonder-working relics of the venerable Sergius, great among the fathers. Through his supplications, O Christ, save Thou our souls.

Today hath dawned the uncovering of the wonder-working relics of the blessed Sergius, sanctified from his mother's womb, the man of God in heaven and angel in the flesh on earth; and it calleth all the fullness of the Church to send up glory to Christ God.

The angels rejoice in heaven above, and men join chorus on earth below. Adorned, the Church of God is jubilant, O father Sergius, over the translation of thy precious relics, crying aloud unto Christ: Thou art my might and confirmation, O Christ!

Come, all ye ends of the earth, rejoicing with psalms and spiritual songs, and let us piously praise the honored translation of our helper; and, surrounding him and his wonder-working shrine, let us invoke his aid, saying thus: O all-blessed father Sergius, by thy supplications grant victory over all heresies to our Christ-loving hierarchs, and protect their reason-endowed flock in peace, granting them triumph over all their enemies; and save thou our souls.

Come, O ye faithful, and, rejoicing, let us enter the church in gladness of heart, venerating the precious relics of the divinely wise Sergius; and let us receive healing and forgiveness of sins through his supplications.

When, before thy birth, she who had conceived thee went to the church of God, thou didst cry out thrice within her womb, glorifying the Trinity, O divinely wise father Sergius. And before thou didst come to know the world, thou didst know God, and wast known of God, O all-blessed one, making manifest unto all the radiance of the grace of God which would descend upon thee, and showing forth the purity of thy soul and body through the effulgence of thy countenance, for which thou becamest a chosen vessel of Christ our God, Him do thou entreat, that He save and enlighten our souls.

With the light of Thee, the three-Sunned Godhead, O my Creator, illumine the darkened eyes of my soul, I beseech Thee, and cleanse Thou my heart, that I may hymn the uncovering of the precious relics of the venerable Sergius, who loved Thee.

Grant me words for the opening of my mouth, O Word of God, make my tongue brilliant, O Merciful One, and be Thou not mindful of the multitude of my sins, that, guided by Thy grace, I may hymn Thy venerable saint, Sergius.

As thou didst preach the Trinity by crying out within thy mother's womb, so did the Trinity glorify thee. Lo! thy precious relics, hidden for so many years beneath the ground, were found to be incorrupt, filling the faithful with sweet fragrance and miracles.

Strengthened by the power of the Cross of the Lord, thou didst make the spiritual passions and reasoning of the flesh subject to thy spirit; wherefore, thou becamest an all-comely habitation of the all-holy Spirit and the chosen resting-place of the indivisible Trinity.

Having become a model for all who have labored for Christ with all their soul by thy life in this world, thou didst shine forth in purity like the sun; wherefore, thou hast received recompense an hundredfold from the hand of the Almighty, O divinely wise Sergius, for which cause we joyfully call thee blessed.

Come, let us now come together on this present feast, and let us behold and be filled with joy, that we may glorify Christ Who hath so glorified those who glorify Him, and hath given us the divinely blessed Sergius as an invincible rampart and bestower of miracles.

Thou didst cleave unto God from thy mother's womb, O blessed father Sergius, and didst have in thy heart the fear of God as the beginning of wisdom, the root and foundation of all good things, loving poverty of spirit. Wherefore, Christ the Master hath enriched thee with miracles.

Like a fragrant lily thy precious relics have been put forth from the bosom of the earth, O all-blessed Sergius, and like a treasure they emit the radiance, of miracles, gladdening thy spiritual children.

Today the royal city of Moscow rejoiceth, and the whole world is filled with gladness; and thy monastery, O divinely blessed Sergius, boasting, is adorned, having thy precious relics within it as an inexhaustible and all-wondrous treasure.

The Holy Church, wondrous in righteousness in the Trinity our God, is splendidly adorned, O divinely wise Sergius, and a multitude of the people spiritually rejoice, beholding thee carried with honor in the arms of the hierarch of God, borne up upon the shoulders of the priests. 

Filled with joy at the visitation of the Mother of God, thou becamest a light for thy flock and a guide for the new Israel, O father, leading us from earth to the mansions of heaven, where thou now enjoyest ineffable effulgence.

Thy mother's womb was sanctified by thine honored conception, and the glorious city of Rostov was rendered splendid by thy nativity; thy great and most glorious monastery hath been glorified by thy struggles, and the whole world hath been filled with thy miracles, O venerable father Sergius.

Having loved Christ from childhood, O father Sergius, following His life bearing footsteps thou didst flee this world, and didst attain unto the never-waning light of understanding, where thou now standest with boldness before the Holy Trinity, Whom do thou beseech in behalf of us all. 

The ranks of the incorporeal ones marveled at thy life in the flesh, and the hordes of the demons were affrighted by the victory which God gave thee over them; and we glorify thee, O venerable Sergius, standing round about the shrine of thy precious relics, and we magnify Christ who hath glorified thee with miracles. 

By thy supplications, O all-blessed father Sergius, ask what is beneficial for all who venerate the honored and glorious uncovering of thy holy relics with love and pure faith, and who celebrate thy sacred memory with splendor. 

By divine preservation was thy precious body kept intact, O divinely wise Sergius, which was covered wholly by the earth for many years, and it came forth, untouched by any harm. And we, thy children, beholding it, cry out with joy: Blessed is the God of our fathers! 

Thou wast clothed in the raiment of gladness, and thy precious head was crowned with a wreath of joy; and thou hast entered in splendor into the heavenly bridal chamber of Christ the King, receiving honor for thy labors, and chanting to the Lord: Blessed is the God of our fathers!

Resplendent in thy radiant life, O wondrous Sergius, in this life thou didst attain unto the ranks of the incorporeal ones; and thou now joinest chorus with them before the throne of the God of all, Whom do thou beg, that He grant remission of sins unto those who with love celebrate the memory of the uncovering of thy precious relics. 

The Church of God is glad today, arrayed as in a robe of royal purple; and thy holy monastery, O divinely blessed Sergius, doth possess as a treasure beyond price thy precious body which imparteth divers healings unto all who chant with faith: Bless the Lord unceasingly, O ye works of the Lord!

The temple of God is illumined with heavenly light, and therein the assemblies of the pious rejoice, beholding thee, O divinely blessed Sergius, borne in the hands of the hierarchs and venerated with mouth and soul by all the faithful who cry out to Christ: Bless the Lord unceasingly, O ye works of the Lord!

Standing now with the armies of heaven before the Trinity, and dwelling with the choirs of all the saints, ask thou that forgiveness of sins be given to those who honor thy memory with faith; and to us who celebrate with splendor the uncovering of thy precious relics grant salvation, that rejoicing, we may chant: Bless the Lord unceasingly, O ye works of the Lord!

Thou wast taken up to the heights of heaven by the virtues, O divinely wise Sergius, and in gladness of heart thou standest before the throne of the Holy Trinity. Forget not thy servants, but grant perfect health and wondrous victory over all heresies to our pious Orthodox hierarchs, that we may all magnify thee unceasingly with hymns.

More brightly than the rays of the sun, O God-bearer, doth thine all glorious memory illumine the faithful who piously honor thee, who venerate the shrine of thy precious relics with faith and love, and praise thee in hymns, O divinely wise Sergius.

O divinely blessed father Sergius, accept thou this small supplication, offered to thee by mine unworthy hand and with heartfelt love, and by thy supplications grant salvation for our souls, health for our bodies and peace for the world, that we may magnify thee all the more in hymnody.