May 23 St. Michael the Confessor the Bishop of Synnada

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From his youth St. Michael longed for the monastic life and was sent by Patriarch Tarasius (784-806) to a monastery on the coast of the Black Sea. St Theophylactus (March 8), the future Bishop of Nicomedia also entered the monastery together with him.

Died around the year 821.

The head of St. Michael is preserved in the Great Lavra of St. Athanasius on Mt. Athos, and part of his relics are at the Iveron Monastery.

Liturgical Hymns in Honor of St. Michael from the Menaion

Translations copyright by Br. Isaac E. Lambertsen, drawn from the Menaion of the Orthodox Church, in 12 volumes (in English), published by the St. John of Kronstadt Press, 1180 Orthodox Way, Liberty TN 37095;  Authorized only for private devotional purposes.  Further distribution, reproduction, or incorporation into other documents is prohibited without prior permission from the publisher.  All rights reserved.

Thou wast a holy hierarch of God, O wondrous father Michael, shining with the ineffable light of abstinence and bearing royal sanctity; and thou didst shepherd the Church of Christ, O all-blessed one.

Holding forth with thy radiant mouth, thou didst piously transmit the doctrines of theology to all, O Michael who art most rich; and, denouncing the blasphemies of heresies, thou wast a champion of piety, O all-blessed one.

As a vessel of divine gifts, O blessed and most lauded Michael, thou didst most manifestly give of them to all the faithful, having acquired a godly life and been vested with righteousness as with a robe.

Thou didst continue to venerate with honor the sacred image of Christ and the Mother of God, O most sacred Michael, and didst cast down the blasphemous speech of the heretics, vanquishing them with thy words and sufferings.

Through transitory things thou didst win things which are lasting and abide forever, O divinely eloquent one; for thou didst live a different life, crying: There is none holy save our God, and none righteous save Thee, O Lord!

Divine grace was poured forth in thy lips, enlarging thy mouth, and thou didst receive gifts of wisdom, and didst cry: There is none holy save our God, and none righteous save Thee, O Lord!

Thou didst subdue the passions through abstinence, didst illumine thy mind with divine vision, and wast spiritually active, crying: There is none holy save our God, and none righteous save Thee, O Lord!

Having sanctified thyself with a perfect life, thou wast shown to be a priest of God Most High, and, strengthened by Him, thou didst shut the mouths of the heretics which were opened against the icon of Christ; and, persecuted, O father, thou didst finish thy course.

Desiring crowns of glory, thou didst leave off pleasing the flesh, O most excellent initiate of the sacred mysteries; and thou didst offer thy whole life to God as a sacrifice of sweet savor.

Stumbling away from the main path, the iconoclasts fell into the pit of heresy, and are now shown to be aliens; but thou, O all-blessed one, by venerating the image of Christ, didst rebuke them.

Thou hast richly received the reward for thy sufferings, O most honored and all-blessed Michael, dwelling now with the heavenly hosts and joining chorus with the angels.

Thy tongue was shown to be a pen of the Spirit, O all-glorious Michael, being instructed to record the dispensation in the flesh of the Almighty Word, O thou who art most praised.

Resplendent in the sacred and honorable vesture of thy priesthood, and adorned with confession, thou was a sight for angels and men, O most honored one.

From thy youth didst thou offer thyself to the Word, O thou who hast been shown to be sacred; for as a divine offering thou wast adorned with active vision, and, having harvested the fruit of wisdom, thou didst become a shepherd, O right pleasing Michael.

The Word of God dwelt abundantly within thee, O divinely wise and blessed one, and poured forth rivers of doctrines, drinking whereof we are gladdened, manifestly having thee as a merciful mediator between us and Christ Who fashioned us.

Perceiving thy radiance, O thou who art revealed by God, He Who hath adorned all things with divine power adorned thee with the myrrh of mystic sanctity; for thou wast shown to be a most wise priest of God.

Arrayed in the salvific garment of divine gladness, O all-praised one, thou didst receive from God the crown of confession as is meet.

Having endured bitter imprisonment, O wise one, thou didst attain unto the broad expanse of paradise, where thou dost join chorus with the martyrs, O divine wise one who art most rich.

As a disciple of Christ God, O blessed and divinely inspired one, thou didst imitate His sufferings, valiantly accepting afflictions for the sake of His Church.

The abominable beast could not bear the divine sound of thy tongue, O sacred Michael, and condemned thee to banishment in a remote country; yet he was put to shame, beholding thy firmness, O sacred preacher.

The most sacred assembly of Christ is guided by thy teachings, O all-wise one; for thou wast an instrument sounded by the Spirit, O Michael, performer of the sacred mysteries, announcing the mighty works of the Almighty.

Wisely didst thou denounce the infamous adherents of the blasphemous impiety of Manes,  openly preaching the veneration of the all-pure icon of Christ, the Mother of God and the saints, O venerable father Michael.

Standing before the judgment-seat, O Michael preacher of God, thou wast not daunted by the threats of the iniquitous, but didst cry out with a voice unrestrained: “I honor the all-pure icon of Christ the Savior and all the saints!”

With steadfast mighty character, O wise one, thou didst contend with those who fight against God, and wast shown to be the victor, manifest as such in deed and word, for it was fitting to honor the all-pure icon of Christ the Savior and all the saints.

Knowing that the veneration shown to icons passes to their Prototype, O father who wast manifest as sacred, following the divinely inspired Scriptures thou didst teach all to honor the icon of Christ and all the saints.

Shining now with boundless enlightenment, O thou who art most rich, as thou standest before the great Light, thou hast been vouchsafed to receive the end which thou didst desire, and hastening toward which thou didst run, living in piety, O right wondrous one.

Thou hast been counted worthy to behold the radiance which passes understanding, O father, and which thou didst manifestly acquire on earth. Entreat Christ in mediation, that He deliver thy disciples who now praise and honor thee, O right wondrous one.

Strengthened by grace divine, with the effulgence of thy wisdom and the rays emitted thereby thou didst burn up the audacity of those who fought against God, O wise and wondrous Michael, sacred preacher of Christ, having acquired a wellspring of light within thyself.