May 24 Venerable Simeon Stylites the Younger of the Wonderful Mountain

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Born in 521 in Antioch

His mother is St. Martha (July 4)

He peacefully fell asleep in the Lord in the year 596, having toiled as a stylite for sixty-eight years.

Liturgical Hymns in Honor of St. Simeon from the Menaion

Translations copyright by Br. Isaac E. Lambertsen, drawn from the Menaion of the Orthodox Church, in 12 volumes (in English), published by the St. John of Kronstadt Press, 1180 Orthodox Way, Liberty TN 37095;  Authorized only for private devotional purposes.  Further distribution, reproduction, or incorporation into other documents is prohibited without prior permission from the publisher.  All rights reserved.

O most wondrous father Simeon, thy memory is truly the cause of theology and enlightenment for all who have assembled to hymn with pure hearts the majesty thereof and thy right wondrous life.

Announcement was made to thy glorious mother by the voice and vision of the Baptist. O most blessed father, that she would conceive and give birth to thee, the fragrant and divine habitation of the Trinity in three Hypostases.

The great Forerunner, knowing beforehand that from earliest infancy thou wouldst be the bearer of divine gifts of righteousness transcending nature, O father, commanded thee to turn away from thy mother’s left breast, and to cleave unto her right one.

Receiving a pure life from the beginning as a gift of the Spirit through the laver of regeneration, O father who art most rich, from infancy thou didst show forth in divine manner a majesty of soul more radiant than the sun.

From earliest infancy thou didst grow to be an excellent ascetic and an ardent lover of divine beauty; wherefore, the Master, foreknowing thee from thy mother’s womb, sanctified thee, O all-glorious father Simeon.

Growing in wisdom from childhood with true understanding, O venerable father and wonderworker, thou was thyself vouchsafed to behold the unapproachable Spirit Who is surrounded by the heavenly hosts.

Having illumined the senses of thy soul with awesome vision, O venerable father Simeon, thou didst acquire a wondrous understanding of that which is good, and didst display a blameless life to those who did not possess one.

The angel who was sent to thee manifestly stood before thee, O God-bearing father, and imparted to thee an angelic life, and thou didst touch the feet of him who appeared to thee and didst kiss them with joy.

Thou couldst in no wise bear to remain in the world, O father, having the power of the Spirit of God guiding thee; and dwelling in the impassable wastes of the desert while yet a youth, walking fearlessly among the wild beasts, thou didst rejoice in thy bodily pangs.

Leaping among the mountains, O father Simeon, like a deer thou didst desire divinely flowing wellsprings; and having found them, thou didst satisfy thy thirst for divine love, drinking thy fill of the theology which flows therefrom; and thou dost pour it forth, ever gazing upon the face of Christ.

With thy spiritual eyes, O venerable father, thou didst behold Him Who doth clothe thee in light upborne as upon a chariot; and thy servant, the godly John, stood at the foot of thy pillar, guided by a pillar of light before thine ascent unto Him.

Guided to divine power by the grace given thee as by power, O glorious one, thou didst journey to the dwelling of the divinely wise John; and waging battle lovingly with him through ascetic endeavor, thou wast shown to be like an angel.

The Lord manifestly stood before thee as a magnificent Child full of beauty, O father, at the base of the pillar on which thou didst stand; and shining forth with the glory of patience, He showed Himself forth as crucified, as thou didst ask.

Thy whole life shone forth with the radiance of revelations, and being filled thereby with the myrrh of divine fragrance, O favorite of Christ, thou didst cut down the hordes of the adverse foe as an ascetic.

Thou wast elevated by divine visions and purity of mind, O most blessed one, and having a heart pouring forth torrents like a wellspring of life-bearing wisdom, thou didst enlighten the souls of the sick with doctrines from God.

Great in the virtues like the wondrous Moses, O father, thou didst ascend thy lofty pillar at the behest of God, and wast caught up by the Spirit, receiving the power of enlightenment, as he was glorified.

Savagely taking aim, O God-bearer, the enemy emptied his quiver of soul-destroying arrows, yet in nowise was he able shake the pillar of thy soul; for thou was founded firmly upon the unbreakable rock of Christ.

While thou was enduring the exertion of asceticism, O wondrous father, Christ the Master, appearing to thee, entrusted a staff of might unto thee, and He commanded thee to heal the afflictions of the infirm therewith.

The most radiant memory of the blessed one hath been shown to us as another day of salvation, driving away the profound night of the passions with the brilliance of asceticism and illuming it with most excellent deeds. Showing ourselves to be like stars, O ye faithful, let us all radiantly offer hymns in gladness to Simeon the luminary thereon; for looking down from on high, he doth enlighten us and grants us ineffable peace, unceasingly entreating Christ God in behalf of us all.

As a youth, O God-bearer, fleeing the understandings of the false world and falls into vain glory, thou didst love to live in silence, crying out unceasingly in the Spirit: Blessed is the God of our fathers!

Stretching forth thine arms in the form of the Cross, and making supplication, O God-bearer, with thine eyes thou didst manifestly behold Christ in glory with the angels, Who commanded thee to go forth unto the Wondrous Mountain.

Going forth with heaven-traversing intent, O father, thou didst mount upon the pillar that was thereon, and having first submitted to the divine precepts of the Master, thou didst attain unto that mountain which thou thyself didst wondrously call Wondrous.

Finding its lofty summit to be like the heavenly garden of paradise planted with all manner of fragrant blossoms, thou madest thine abode on it; and thus miraculously thou didst plant thy dwelling-place thereon, following the instructions of God.

Through the godly powers of thy soul, O venerable one, thou didst immerse thyself in the effulgence of the Thrice-holy One; and, taught by Him, the one Godhead, thou didst gloriously erect a thrice-rich temple to Him before thy pillar, and didst teach all to worship the uncreated Trinity therein forever.

The omnipotent activity of the Holy Spirit which dwelt with thee in godly manner, O divinely eloquent one, moved those who were afflicted by evil spirits to hasten to thee from all the ends of the earth; and healing them with thy palm-staff, thou teaches all to hymn the Creator for all ages.

Thou didst subject the carnal-mindedness of thy youth through fasting and prayer to the Spirit, O father, and having extinguished the burning of thy loins, thou didst destroy it, and didst show thyself as one who superhumanly refrained from eating, deriving sustenance solely from the foods of heaven. And thou dost hymn the Creator thereof forever.

Christ the Lord entrusted to thee the divine chorus of thy disciples, O wondrous father; and accepting them with love, thou didst illumine them with teachings, that they might continue to run the race of asceticism. And reposing with them in the kingdom, thou dost glorify the King of all for all ages!

Imitating Christ, Who fed a vast multitude of men with a few loaves of bread, O thrice-blessed Simeon, by thy supplication and blessings thou didst fill the empty granaries of thy fold and didst deliver thy flock from starvation.

Entreated by Martha, thine honored and venerable mother, O most blessed one, who besought thee with pleading to supplicate Christ, thou didst not refuse to fulfill her petitions, and didst deliver the city of God from divine wrath.

Seeing the end of thy struggles, all-ineffable deification in the highest, O most blessed Simeon, when thou wast parted from the body thou didst soar aloft thereto, rejoicing in the Spirit, beholding hence the effulgence of the Him Who is in three Hypostases.

O father Simeon, by thy care, thought and prayers free thou from the passions of every enemy those who hasten to thee with supplications from this greatly tumultuous life, and preserve in splendor those who celebrate thy memory.